About Us


  Wagner Medical supplies the latest cutting-edge products to help you with your Venous-Sclerotherapy, Dermatology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, or Aesthetic practice. These products include the following: Vein Lights, Ambulatory Phlebectomy Hooks, Forceps/Clamps, Handheld Doppler, Venapulse, Autoclaves, Syris Light, AccuVein, CO2captain Regulator, Medical CO2 and CO2/O2 blend cartridges, Freddo (skin cooling device), Klein Infiltration Pump, ScleroClips, and ELCAT Vasoquant D-ppg machine. Physicians utilizing our products have preferred and recommended us for over 25+ years because of our excellent quality and superior service. 

  Wagner Medical also sells refurbished products at discounted prices. Contact us about repairing equipment or buying back unwanted equipment!  

  Call us at (304) 758-2370, Fax us at (304) 758-0055, or Email us at wagnermedical@hotmail.com.


We look forward to serving you!